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How to Pray for Your Children and Teenager in 8 Ways

Many parents don’t know how to pray. Others are afraid they may get it wrong. They become overwhelmed, anxiety creeps in, and they freeze. A solution is to start small and take one step at a time. This month, Ministry to Parents Helps Parents Lead through Prayer. Elisabeth Lee, Content Director at Ministry to Parents, shares basic steps on how to pray for your children and teenagers in 8 ways.

How to Pray for Your Children and Teenager in 8 Ways

One of our most popular blog posts from 2019 is 8 Ways to Pray for your Children or Teenagers. Using one word at a time, Elisabeth shares 8 simple prayers based on Scripture you can read or say out loud. For example, if you are waiting in the carpool line on Monday afternoon or in a traffic gridlock on a Friday morning, pull up these prayers and enjoy talking to God on behalf of your family.

How to pray for children and teenager in 8 ways are:

  • Security
  • Freedom
  • Grace
  • God-Confidence
  • Character
  • God’s Word
  • Grit
  • Heritage

Also, she addresses creative ideas for prayer-on-the-go and what to do if you are too tired to pray.

With this in mind, any parent, guardian, or caretaker can use these prayers at any time for any reason. Click HERE for 8 Ways to Pray for Your Children & Teenagers.




8 ways to pray for your children and teenager


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