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HELP PARENTS LEAD (Step 4 in the M2P Roadmap)

Parents are often told they should lead their kids, but they are afraid or feel ill-equipped. What if parents were given the tools to do the job? If so, then the greatest influencers who spend the most time around our students become the primary source of spiritual encouragement. This realization is why HELP PARENTS LEAD is Step 4, and the last step, in the M2P Roadmap.

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Think of the possibilities.

We get excited just dreaming about it! Imagine with us, holistic men and women walking out their call as Christ’s followers AND as God-appointed parents. Their children and teenagers grow up with relational heartstring intact free to connect and continue into the next generation, and the next, and the next.

So to make this dream a reality, we offer parents content in four specific areas:


As church leaders, you can take this material and pass it directly to your parents of children and teenagers. No other work needed. Our two options to HELP PARENTS LEAD are:


Ministry to Parents Member








M2P Store

ministry to parents resources






Wherever you are as a church leader, starting a parent ministry or strengthening an existing one, the M2P Roadmap takes you on four easy-to-understand, intentionally designed steps to help you and your church multiply ministry efforts by leveraging the powerful influence of parents.

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