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CARE FOR YOUR SOUL (Step 1 in the M2P Roadmap)

How do you start and build a family ministry? The first place is to CARE FOR YOUR SOUL (Step 1 in the M2P Roadmap) the most foundational piece to building a parent ministry. 

Ministry to Parents is passionate about helping Directors and Ministers connect with parents, but at the core of that passion lies the belief- to give away, we must draw from within.

You hear stories of how church leaders serve the Church with great joy and passion. Then, seemingly unexpectedly, the leader experiences burnout and walks away from family and faith. 

We believe in the resources we create to help church leaders connect with families and parents, but we believe in the church leader EVEN MORE.

Who cares and shepherds for you while you care for others?

The possible answer to this question is why we made this the first step in the Ministry to Parents Road Map. Ministry is rewarding and, at times, difficult. Any role that combines the industry of leadership and service requires a continually pouring out of self.  At the same time, as followers of Christ, you have a calling into a personal intimacy with Christ, while inspiring others to do the same. Then, you also have a work-life dynamic where your professional work is connected to your faith.

We Care For You

The founder and owners, Jeremy and Elisabeth Lee, have lived within ministry settings for over forty years. Jeremy has lived in the roles of minister’s kid, church leader, and ministry spouse. Elisabeth has also lived within all three roles as minister’s kid, church leader, and ministry spouse. Together, they understand how hard it is to take care of yourself while caring for others.

They bring this empathy into the content creation for CARE FOR THE SOUL because they care for you (and your families). They, along with all the M2P staff, believe in who you are BEFORE what you do. 


The content on CARE FOR THE SOUL focuses on four areas to help you watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life (Proverbs 4:23):


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