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The Ministry To Parents Podcast

The M2P Podcast is for church leaders that share our passion to see families thrive!

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ministry to parents

#023: How to Adapt Your Curriculum into a Virtual Ministry during COVID

Church leaders invest a large part of their budget in the curriculum, so when COVID took place, many were left with the question, "What do we do and how do they use it?" Elisabeth and Jeremy discuss three essential questions to help church leaders figure out the best method for virtually using their curriculum.
ministry to parents

#022: How to Virtually Care for Volunteers during COVID

When churches moved online with the global pandemic, a small batch of volunteers helped make this possible (A BIG thanks to all the IT people!). But for many, volunteering paused until the large group gatherings could resume. In today's episode, Elisabeth and Jeremy present church leaders with five creative ways to use this moment to their advantage.
Ministry to Parents

#021: How to Lead A Virtual Parent Ministry During COVID

For the last eleven years, Ministry to Parents, a digital company, has had its ups and downs in the digital space. Using their personal experience, Elisabeth and Jeremy Lee kick-off Ministry Interrupted, an 8-part podcast series dedicated to helping church leaders with an online ministry.

#019: How to Build a Support Team

It might seem awkward to invite others to offer you support, but in this episode Jeremy and Elisabeth talk you through how to do that practically.
digital church resources on anxiety parents family children youth students

#016: Dealing with Anxiety featuring Jason Gibson (Part 3)

In the final episode of this series, we dive a little more into the spiritual side of coping with anxiety. Jason Gibson, a parenting expert from ParentTV, also shares key exercises to help your anxious child feel heard and what it means to offer them “anchor points."
Ministry to Parents podcast

#014: Dealing with Anxiety featuring Jason Gibson (Part 1)

We start a brand new series on the topic of Anxiety with our guest Jason Gibson. He's a parenting expert in the US and Australia that offers very practical advice for parents on this important issue.  In part 1 of 3, Jason introduces us to two ways we express anxiety: "internal" and "external."
help families cancer elisabeth lee jeremy lee

#013: How To Help Families Going Through Cancer

The last installment of the podcast series on "How To Help Families In Crisis" deals with Cancer.  Jeremy and Elisabeth share the story of their cancer journey to offer insights for church leaders that are serving families with cancer. 

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