#076: Equipping Parents and Using M2P with special guest, Jaymes Curran

Equipping Parents and Using M2P with special guest, Jaymes Curran

In this episode of the Ministry to Parents Podcast, the M2P team has a great conversation with youth ministry veteran of 35+ years, Jaymes Curran. Jaymes currently serves as the Director of High School Ministry at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Austin, TX, and uses MinistryToParents in some truly inspiring ways. Our discussion with Jaymes centers around how he is utilizing M2P’s resources to equip the parents of his parish and, specifically, his creative use of M2P’s grade-specific family experiences on the church’s website. Jaymes has a great story and some great ideas about how we can equip and encourage parents as they seek to lead their kids and teens.


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