#080: A Different Kind of Discipleship with Heather Quiroz

A Different Kind of Discipleship with Heather Quiroz

In order to grow as disciples, families need to develop a culture of discipleship in their homes. However, the simple truth of the matter is that a lot of parents are intimidated by the notion of being the primary spiritual leaders for their kids and teenagers. As ministry leaders, we have the opportunity to encourage them to embrace their role, and we can paint a picture of discipleship at home that is actually attainable. As parents, we need to own our God-given role as lead discipler and maybe even consider developing a different picture of what it means to disciple kids and teens. Parents and ministry leaders don’t have to have all the answers or be professors of theology. We simply need to be authentically walking with Jesus and invite our kids and teens to join us in doing the same. That’s what discipleship looks like.


On this episode of the M2P podcast, the team sits down with Heather Quiroz to discuss a different way to lead ourselves, our kids, and our teenagers—the way in which Jesus led His own disciples. Heather is a gifted author, teacher, and speaker with over fifteen years of ministry experience. She turned her passion for teaching and sharing the Jewish roots of the Christian faith into founding First Century Youth Ministry with the goal of inspiring youth workers, leaders, and families to become grounded in the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and, in doing so, have a deeper love for the whole Bible. When she’s not writing, speaking, or leading trips to Israel, Heather stays busy sharing about her book (First-Century Youth Ministry: A Look Back For The Way Forward In Youth Ministry Discipleship), leading coaching cohorts, hosting episodes of The First-Century Youth Ministry Podcast, working at a staff consultant with Ministry Architects, or pouring herself into her first and greatest ministry of wife to Rodrigo and mom to their daughter, Adah.


Join us as Heather talks to us about the ways Jesus walked with His followers in the first century, how authentic discipleship happened then, and as she shares about some great, but simple practices we can implement in our lives and ministry. Take a listen and share the podcast with your friends.


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