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#061: Helping Parents Get in the Game

The month of November is full of lots of games, from the many football (and other) games that a lot of us watch to the family games we’ll play over the holidays. It can be a lot of fun! We’re all also a part of the game of life, which hopefully includes a growing and vibrant faith in God. In this month’s M2P Podcast, we talk about how we, as ministry leaders, can be in the game ourselves and how we can help parents be in the game when it comes to helping their kids grow in their faith. There are lots of practical things we can do to coach parents in this direction, so grab your clipboard and your whistle, and let’s go!

#060: Building Healthy Relationships at Home

In episode 060, Sass, Kerry, and Amy sit down to talk a little college football and engage in a conversation about building strong and healthy relationships in the home. We believe that relationships are at the foundation of our lives and that we are created to have healthy community through relationships, starting with those in our own families. So, listen in as the M2P gang talks about equipping parents within our ministries on how to build stronger relationships with their kids/teens that will last a lifetime. And how we, as parents with kids of our own, can do the same.

#059: Under Pressure – Navigating The Pressure To Perform

Under pressure – cue the beat we all recognize from the collab of David Bowe and Queen (or maybe you recognize it more from Vanilla Ice). Either way, this month’s M2P podcast is laser-focused on helping parents and ministry leaders better navigate the incredible pressure we are all under to perform. Whether you have a ministry parent trying to lead their kids or teenagers into a healthy mindset or you’re a children’s or youth ministry leader trying to live into the calling you have received, this podcast has something for you! Join Sass, Amy, and Kerry on this episode as they discuss navigating in the heat of the summer along with the heat that is the pressure to perform.

#058: Building a Healthy and Sustainable Rhythm for You and Your Family

We all know how schedules can spiral out of control and how easy it is for us all to fall into a pace of life and ministry that will run us ragged. This month Sass, Amy, and Kerry talk about practical ways to both help families develop a healthy rhythm and pace of life and how ministry leaders can develop a healthy rhythm and sustainable pace in ministry. They offer some practical tips and big-picture thoughts that will help you evaluate your ministry and help families in your church.

#057: The Importance of Building a Parent Ministry Plan

Without having a parent ministry plan that equips parents to lead out and live out the Gospel at home with their child, your children’s or youth ministry will never truly thrive. In this episode, new M2P podcast hosts Chris Sasser, Amy Diller, and Kerry Ray discuss children’s ministry, youth ministry,, and the importance of building a parent ministry plan.

#056: What To Do When Parents Come To Church: The Drop-Off Parent

What do church leaders do when parents drop by? What about when they drop in? This three-part series gives you quick and easy tips that help you learn how to connect with the different types of parents. In this episode, you’ll learn about the Drop-Off Parent and four ideas to best relate to them. 

When *Church Leaders* Need To Leave Their Church

#055: When *Church Leaders* Need To Leave Their Church

Have you ever asked the question: When is it time to leave work for this particular church? In this episode, Elisabeth and Jeremy offer four markers that help church leaders identify if they are ready to transition. Plus, receive the FREE download Minister's Transition Kit.
When Staff Members Leave Your Church

#054: What To Do When *Staff Members* Leave Your Church

Part of working in Family Ministry means you work alongside other staff members (paid or volunteer). So when one of them leaves, there are always social dynamics at play. In today's episode, leaders learn four helpful tips to equip them with the soft skills needed to walk through the transition with ease.
what to do when volunteers leave

#053: What To Do When *Volunteers* Leave Your Church

This episode covers a lot of ground discussing the moment many church leaders dread...when a volunteer says they're leaving. Is it possible to create a positive experience from the transition? Yes! Elisabeth and Jeremy give you 4 tips to create a healthy, collaborative culture that honors the concept of "leaving well."
when families leave your church

#052: What To Do When *Families* Leave Your Church

Know that moment when you run into a family and find out they're at another church? It can be awkward for both parties! But what if church staff had a well-planned strategy in place for families that leave? In this episode, you'll learn four steps to ease the transition for all parties involved. 
how to heal from church hurt

#051: How To Heal From Church Hurt: Interview With Amy Diller

Amy Diller brings her experience as a children's director in the 3rd episode of How To Heal From Church Hurt sharing how sometimes children's ministries can be out-of-sight and out-of-mind for some church staff, leaving children's leaders feeling invisible. She courageously shares her experience of church hurt and what she does to work through it. 
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