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The Ministry To Parents Podcast

The M2P Podcast is for church leaders that share our passion to see families thrive!

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what to do when volunteers leave

#053: What To Do When *Volunteers* Leave Your Church

This episode covers a lot of ground discussing the moment many church leaders dread…when a volunteer says they’re leaving. Is it possible to create a positive experience from the transition? Yes! Elisabeth and Jeremy give you 4 tips to create a healthy, collaborative culture that honors the concept of “leaving well.”

when families leave your church

#052: What To Do When *Families* Leave Your Church

Know that moment when you run into a family and find out they’re at another church? It can be awkward for both parties! But what if church staff had a well-planned strategy in place for families that leave? In this episode, you’ll learn four steps to ease the transition for all parties involved. 

how to heal from church hurt

#051: How To Heal From Church Hurt: Interview With Amy Diller

Amy Diller brings her experience as a children’s director in the 3rd episode of How To Heal From Church Hurt sharing how sometimes children’s ministries can be out-of-sight and out-of-mind for some church staff, leaving children’s leaders feeling invisible. She courageously shares her experience of church hurt and what she does to work through it. 

how to heal from church hurt

#049: How To Heal From Church Hurt: Interview With Jeremy Lee

M2P features the brand-new podcast series How To Heal From Hurt with a special episode where Jeremy takes the interviewee’s seat. As a twenty-year + veteran in ministry, he answers seven questions about church hurt recalling his church experiences and the life lessons gained from them.

using tech to connect with students: summer edition (with Tony Bianco)

#044: Using Tech to Connect With Students: Summer Edition (With Tony Bianco)

For some ministries, summer months bring disconnections between church leaders and their students because of the trips, camps, and family vacations. In today’s episode, Tony Bianco from Family Technology Plan shows you how to use to keep students connected until everyone is back together again ready to ring in the new school year!
Where “Bored” Students Spend Their Time On The Internet

#043: Where Bored Students Will Spend Their Time on the Internet

During the summer, students find themselves out of their normal technology patterns. As a result, they grow bored and head to places they shouldn't. In today's episode, Tony Bianco, from Family Technology Plan, is a guest host of the M2P Podcast by sharing places and trends so parents can be aware and help their students continue using screens healthily.
Making The Most of Technology in Your Ministry

#042: Making the Most of Technology in Your Ministry

In today’s world, ministry has expanded to more than meeting inside a classroom or building. The digital age is here, and technology is a key factor to helping church leaders extend their connections with students and their families. So in today’s episode, guest host Tony Bianco from Family Technology Plan shares three ways that you can use technology to make the most of your time using technology to connect with your people.
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