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The Ministry To Parents Podcast

The M2P Podcast is for church leaders that share our passion to see families thrive!

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How Churches Can Prepare Parents For Spiritual Leadership

#028: How To Prepare Parents For Spiritual Leadership

Church leaders continue to identify one major pain point -> they desire for parents to own spiritual leadership, but insecurity, fear, and misunderstandings steer parents away. So how can churches inspire and equip parents to lead their kids spiritually? In this 9-part podcast series, Elisabeth and Jeremy Lee offer practical, basic, and non-intimidating solutions.
How to Help Families Affected by Finances through COVID

#027: Parents, COVID, and Finances

Elisabeth and Jeremy close out the podcast series, Ministry Interrupted, on a topic that has affected many families through COVID: Finances. Learn how to help families affected by finances, positive or negative.
How to Lead a Ministry: In-Person and Online

#026: How to Lead a Ministry “In-Person” and “Online”

Due to the global pandemic, churches found a new type of ministry online. This shift created a unique opportunity to connect with new people. As churches head back to the in-person gathering, how can they maintain two types of audiences? In this episode, discover five mindsets to embrace a hybrid approach both in-person and online.
How To Help Parents and Children Connect at Home Virtually

#024: How to Virtually Help Children and Parents Connect at Home

In today's episode, Elisabeth and Jeremy share five tips on connecting with children and parents spiritually and digitally. Although it can't replace the face-to-face connection, these five ways can uniquely inspire leaders to engage families online until churches meet in person again.
How to Adapt Your Curriculum into a Virtual Ministry

#023: How to Adapt Your Curriculum into a Virtual Ministry

Church leaders invest a large part of their budget in the curriculum, so when COVID took place, many were left with the question, "What do we do and how do they use it?" Elisabeth and Jeremy discuss three essential questions to help church leaders figure out the best method for virtually using their curriculum.
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