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#071: Church and Sports with Stuart Hall

How can we, as ministry leaders, best minister to and help the kids, teens, and parents within our ministries who have sports as a part of their lives? Let’s talk about it!

#069: Navigating Anxiety with Brock Morgan

In this episode, Sass, Amy, and Kerry are joined by special guest Brock Morgan. Brock is a pastor, author, speaker, consultant, and coach. We spend this episode diving into his book The Anxious Teen to talking about what is happening within this generation concerning anxiety and what we, as ministry leaders and parents, can do to help our kids and teens grow in healthy ways. Brock shares some great stories and insights with us concerning anxiety. He also takes the time to provide us with some practical suggestions on what we can do as ministry leaders and parents to better engage. Give it a listen and share it with someone else!

#068: Family Discipleship with Timothy Paul Jones

We have a real treat for you this month on the M2P podcast as we share the first of three episodes that we recorded live with some of the main stage communicators at the D6 Conference in Orlando, FL. Our first guest is Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, who is the vice president; C. Edwin Gheens professor of Christian family ministry; and chair of the Department of Apologetics, Ethics, and Philosophy at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Timothy is also the author of more than a dozen books, including In Church as It Is in Heaven (InterVarsity, 2023) with Jamaal Williams. He also serves as a preaching pastor at Sojourn Church Midtown and cohosts The Apologetics Podcast. Timothy joins Kerry and Amy in this month’s podcast to share with our M2P listeners how families can step into truly discipling their kids at home.

#067: Helping Families Move from Stage to Stage

Lots of things are true in life. No, we’re not talking about death and taxes, but we are talking about the fact that kids and teens will continue to grow and move from one stage of life to the next. In this episode of the Ministry to Parents Podcast, Sass, Amy, and Kerry talk about how church leaders can help kids, teens, and parents transition from one place to another in a healthy way. There are things we can do to help students celebrate milestones and move into new ministries as well as help parents lead their kids in these transitions. As always, we have a little fun and laugh a lot, so enjoy!

#066: Helping Your Kids Build Healthy Friendships

In this episode, your favorite three M2P April Fools—Sass, Kerry, and Amy—talk about the importance of friendships and how ministry leaders and parents can help kids and teens learn how to build and maintain healthy friendships.
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