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The Ministry To Parents Podcast

The M2P Podcast is for church leaders that share our passion to see families thrive!

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time to rest recover busy season of ministry

#039: How To Regulate In A Busy Season Of Ministry

Sometimes after a busy season, we can have a hard time turning off "survival mode." We try to quiet our minds or get our emotions under control, but it doesn't seem to work. In this episode, Elisabeth and Jeremy share a few regulation techniques they learned from their therapists to help be present in stressful and post-stressful situations.
how to reflect on a busy season

#038: How To Reflect On A Busy Season Of Ministry

In this episode, learn about an essential factor in the recovery process: reflection. Why do we need to do? How do we do it? Elisabeth and Jeremy help you uncover the gift that lies within your experience with four unique questions to ask yourself.
time to rest recover from busy season of ministry

#037: How To Recover From A Busy Season Of Ministry

Busy seasons are a way of life in the ministry world, from which we can recover and move on. But now and then, we run into a moment where we can't, even after rest. In this new 4-part series called "Time to Rest," Elisabeth and Jeremy discuss the aftereffects of hectic times like global pandemics, new positions, staff changes, and more.
mistakes to avoid while helping parents lead spiritually

#036: Mistakes to Avoid While Helping Parents Lead Spiritually

In this last episode of the podcast series How To Help Parents Prepare for Spiritual Leadership, Elisabeth and Jeremy dive into the mistakes church leaders can make when it comes to discussing spiritual leadership with parents. Sharing from experience, they offer brief tips on how to engage this topic in a way that is inviting to parents, rather than alienating. 
How Churches Can Help Parents Who Struggle Spiritually

#035: How Churches Can Help Parents Who Struggle Spiritually

In a church gathering, families come together to worship and enjoy relationships. When parents are privately struggling with their faith, they can experience shame, fear, or guilt. So how can churches help these parents who are struggling spiritually? In today's episode, learn four ways to engage them so that they feel encouraged, rather than discouraged, in the faith journey.
4 Ways Churches Can Help Parents When Kids Doubt Their Faith

#034: 4 Ways Churches Can Help Parents When Kids Doubt Their Faith

When parents watch their kids doubt their faith, sometimes they keep it to themselves living in isolation. In today's episode, Elisabeth and Jeremy offer four ways church leaders can help parents using kindness, love, and encouragement...because this particular struggle creates an opportunity for a special type of ministry work.
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