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#078: Embracing Your True Identity

In this episode, Sass, Kerry, and Amy discuss this struggle for identity and how we can help the kids, teens, and parents in our ministry embrace an authentic identity that will sustain them for a lifetime.

#066: Helping Your Kids Build Healthy Friendships

In this episode, your favorite three M2P April Fools—Sass, Kerry, and Amy—talk about the importance of friendships and how ministry leaders and parents can help kids and teens learn how to build and maintain healthy friendships.

#065: Marching Through the Madness

The madness of March has made it to the Ministry to Parents Podcast. This month we have the usual suspects (Sass, Kerry, and Amy), but we add our friend Brian Housman of and ScreenSmartParent.

#064: All Things Dating & Relationships

The month of February is often filled with thoughts of love, dating, and everything that surrounds this topic that never goes away. In this month’s podcast, Sass, Kerry, and Amy talk about specific ways that leaders in both kids’ ministry and youth ministry can broach these conversations.

#063: My One Word

As we kick off a new year, a world full of new possibilities and resolutions awaits us. Some will find the blank canvas of 2023 invigorating, while others will see it as panic-inducing or just the start of another year of broken promises you made to yourself. In this episode of the M2P Podcast, Sass, Amy, and Kerry talk about a resource, My One Word, that you can use to better navigate the possibilities and lose the long list of broken resolutions by doing something about one thing this year instead of nothing about everything. You will want to utilize this resource yourself and pass it along to the parents and families in your church. Take a listen to this episode and consider what it would look like for you and those around you to step into the new year differently.

#062: Living From a Place of Rest

As we all know, December can be crazy both at church and at home. If we’re honest, life can be crazy both at church and in the home. In this episode, Sass, Kerry, and Amy talk about how, as ministry leaders, we need to learn to slow down and rest. This rest shouldn’t be reserved for time off and vacations, but we should learn how to incorporate rest into our normal rhythm of life and have a mindset that values rest. Our rest should be a real, deep rest that focuses on God and our relationship with him instead of a Netflix binge kind of rest that the world offers. If we’re going to be the leaders that God wants us to be, we have to learn how to make rest a normal and natural part of life so that we can live from the strength that this rest provides. We need to learn how to lean into the Lord as he says, “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

#061: Helping Parents Get in the Game

The month of November is full of lots of games, from the many football (and other) games that a lot of us watch to the family games we’ll play over the holidays. It can be a lot of fun! We’re all also a part of the game of life, which hopefully includes a growing and vibrant faith in God. In this month’s M2P Podcast, we talk about how we, as ministry leaders, can be in the game ourselves and how we can help parents be in the game when it comes to helping their kids grow in their faith. There are lots of practical things we can do to coach parents in this direction, so grab your clipboard and your whistle, and let’s go!
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