#081: Face-to-Face with Patti Pilkington Reed

Face-to-Face with Patti Pilkington Reed

One of the most significant challenges that parents have today is getting face-to-face with their kids and teens. The frantic pace of life and ever-increasing digital focus we all have can prevent us from engaging each other in ways that help us grow closer to the people we love. We all struggle in some way with having the healthy conversations we need to have. Our growing tendencies to isolate and communicate via screens are leading us away from the healthy relationships we all need and the conversations that help build and strengthen those relationships.

On this month’s M2P podcast, you’ll join Sass, Amy, and Kerry as they bring you an interview they recorded while at the 2024 D6 Conference in Orlando, FL. The M2P team talks with Patti Pilkington Reed about the importance of having what she calls “smart conversations” with ourselves, our teenagers, and our young adults. Patti is an entrepreneur, author, certified coach, and a growth-oriented leader. The M2P team will dive into a conversation with Patti and discuss some of the key principles found in her new book Face to Face: Smart Conversations with Yourself, Your Teenager, and Your Young Adult. This book is a great encouragement and resource for parents and ministry leaders alike. There are lots of practical nuggets in this episode that will help you both evaluate how you deal with conflict through conversations and how you can help the parents in your church do the same.


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