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When it comes to the overall development and spiritual maturity of the kids and teenagers in our ministries, there are a lot of important factors that come into play. As ministry leaders and equippers of parents, we often feel the pressure to try and teach them so many things within the finite amount of time that we have them in our midst (and so do their parents/guardians). Our kids and teenagers need to know how the world works and how they can best navigate it. They need to master certain skills, understand important concepts/principles, and develop the tools they need to do more in this life than just “survive and advance.” There is so much to do. There is so much to say. There is so much to learn. And every day, it feels as if the sand is falling more and more quickly through the hourglass.


As all of this plays out, we need to be keenly aware that perhaps the most important part of what happens over the years is the formation and anchoring of identity. The kids and teenagers who make up our ministries and the families we serve are being shaped through their experiences, relationships, influences, and the beliefs they hold onto. Their identity is formed and shaped along the way as they watch, listen, learn, and grow. As children, they are like sponges that are soaking everything in. As middle schoolers, they are like wet cement as they begin to question, doubt, and “try on many hats,” seeking to figure out who they are as they learn how to deal with life’s demands and problems. As high schoolers, the wet cement of differentiation has hardened as teenagers have had the opportunity to experience and explore identities and choose an identity with a high degree of commitment. In the end, our identity (and what that identity is anchored to) will define who we are, what we do, what we believe, who we surround ourselves with, and how we interact with the world around us (our worldview). How kids and teenagers look at themselves and, more importantly, how they believe God looks at them will have a long-term impact on so much of their lives. This is a fact that is too great and too impactful to be ignored. As ministry leaders, we need to do everything in our power to help our kids and teenagers land on an identity that will sustain them over time (equipping and encouraging their parents/guardians to do likewise).


This month, we want to provide you with a lot of great resources to help you focus on how you are helping the kids and teens in your span of care to recognize and anchor their identity in Jesus (and what God’s Word says about them) and equip you to help parents stay engaged in the identity formation of their children. This month’s Coaching Videos will give you and those who lead with you some thoughts and ideas as you seek to teach an identity that is found and anchored in Jesus and give parents the encouragement and tools they need to point their kids and teenagers in the right direction. Modeling matters in this area of life, and parents need to embrace their identity as a child of God as they seek to lead their children to believe the same. As they go through daily life, parents can remind their kids and teens of who they are and whose they are. They can surround their children with other Godly influences, and they can pray for their kids and teens to embrace their identity in Christ. This month’s Online Parenting Classes cover all of these topics and give parents some practical steps to take. We’re really excited about this month’s Parent Toolbox Resources that give you something that parents can easily use to encourage their kids and teenagers in a practical way. For kids, we have a set of Lunchbox Notes that parents can download, print, and put in their child’s lunchbox or backpack. These notes point kids to Jesus and remind them that God is with them on their journey. For teenagers who might not have a lunchbox, we have Notes of Wisdom that parents can put in a car, on a mirror, or simply take the content and text it to their teen. Both resources are designed to help parents take the lead in helping their children grow in their faith and develop their identity. And don’t forget that we always arm you with a great M2P Podcast and some incredible blog articles for you and for the parents you lead that will help to reinforce the importance of talking about identity and give everyone a few more ideas about how to approach the subject. Finally, our social media posts are yet another way to keep the conversation in front of parents and build on all the other resources you are providing them. This is an incredibly important topic and conversation, and we want to give you everything you need to help the families in your church believe that their identity is built on the firm foundation of Jesus.


I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

– Galatians 2:20 ESV


The M2P Team



This month, we are providing you with a simple, effective, and practical resource to help parents encourage their kids and teens during a time when their identity is being shaped, influenced, and challenged. Everyone needs encouragement as they seek to grow in their identity in Christ, and our kids and teens especially are at a critical point in their journey of faith that requires a little extra attention and some positive nudges. So this month’s Toolbox Resources aim to help parents to do just that! For parents of kids, we have Lunchbox Notes for them to print and put in their child’s lunchbox or sneak in a backpack. These notes point their kids to Jesus and remind them that God knows them, loves them, and is always with/for them. For parents of teenagers, we have Notes of Wisdom that serve the same purpose but might go in a car, on a bathroom/bedroom mirror, or can be typed in a text.



  • Download the the Lunchbox Notes or Notes of Wisdom resource and post it on your website or share it on social media.
  • Email parents a link where they can download the resource.
  • Make copies of the resource and have it available at church for parents to pick up..


To download, click HERE for youth and HERE for kids.


We all have a lot of things that we are trying to teach the kids and teenagers in our church. We want to lead them into a deeper relationship with God, and that means helping them understand the Bible, talking about how to practically live out their faith, and answering their questions along the way. One of the biggest questions they are asking doesn’t directly revolve around theology or their understanding of all the nuances of Scripture. It actually hits a little closer to home. It revolves around who they are, how they see themselves, and what they believe about their identity.

As human beings, what we believe about our identity impacts every area of our lives. Our identity influences how we think and how we live, what we do, and what we say. Who we believe we are is really at the heart of the journey we are all on. This is especially true for kids and teenagers who can easily get confused about their identity and begin to believe things about themselves that just aren’t true. They “try on” different identities based on the season, who they are around, or what voices are speaking into their lives. Our hope is to help them see that they are, first and foremost, a child of God and help them live from that reality.

In this month’s Coaching Videos, we talk about how you can have conversations about identity with the kids and teens in your church and their parents. There are things you can do and focus on that will help families develop a deeper understanding of how much God loves them and how He sees them. Helping kids, teens, and parents grow in their understanding of their identity in Christ is one of the main things we can do, and this month, we point you to ways you can be more effective at doing just that.



To view, click HERE for youth and HERE for kids.


One of the real joys of parenting is getting to watch kids and teens grow and develop. Over the years, so many things change, and the once little people morph into bigger people who have thoughts, dreams, and ideas for the future. But we all know that, as they grow, they begin to have questions, doubts, and fears about the future. They settle into asking themselves the questions that kids and adolescents have asked for years: Who am I? Where do I fit? What’s my purpose? These three core questions all point to the journey we are all on as we seek to understand our identity.

This month’s Online Parenting Classes encourage parents to do a few things. First, parents need to land on their own identity and learn to live from a place that is rooted in their relationship with God. Many parents struggle with their own identity as a follower of Jesus, so they have a hard time leading their children in that direction. This month, we are challenging parents to look at their own thoughts and beliefs and work on their own identity. Next, parents need to be talking to their kids and teens about identity and paying attention to how they are growing and developing. Building a strong relationship with your children so you can have these important conversations is critical, and parents need more tools and ideas on how to make this happen. This month’s videos will help them think about how to do that well.

To view, click HERE for youth and HERE for kids.


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  • For Kids’ Ministry Parents: “Who Does God Say I Am?: Nurturing a Child’s Identity Development” by Amy Diller
  • For Youth Ministry Leaders: “Identity Crisis: Helping Parents Embrace Theirs” by Chris Sasser
  • For Youth Ministry Parents: Helping Your Teens Develop a Healthy Identity” by Chris Sasser

To view, click HERE