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How To Help Your Families Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety is on the rise as children and teenagers figure out how to live life in a global pandemic. What masks do I wear in school? How do I meet with teachers online? Why do I have to sit six feet apart from my friends at the game? (We really do feel for those teenagers right now…can they really stay far apart?!?). And because students feel anxiety, so do their parents. Therefore, Ministry to Parents kicks off a new series for church leaders on how to help your families deal with anxiety.

We’ve invited Jason Gibson, a leading parenting expert from and @lunchwithjason_. After his umpteenth invitation to lunch for parenting advice, he created an Instagram channel to offer parents free, practical, and quick parenting ideas for real life. If you want to give your parents a quick and easy support system, just send them over to @lunchwithjason_.

Jason offers church leaders a 3-part series to help your families deal with anxiety. If you’re an M2P Member, check out his Toolbox Resource “How Anxiety Affects the Home and What to Do About It.”

So to get started, simply copy and paste the link below and send it straight to parents.

Thanks for the privilege to partner with you in family ministry.

~The M2P Team

M2P Members, Jason created a resource on anxiety that gives you 9 handouts for parents. Go to your Toolbox: Help Parents Lead to download.

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