why leaders need to be organized

Why Leaders, Directors, and Ministers Need To Be Organized

This month, Ministry to Parents’ focus is on Build a Parent Ministry Plan through Organization. Sometimes, church leaders can ignore the idea of structure and planning so M2P asked Jason Pyron, the Ministries and Leadership Development Pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN to explain why leaders, directors, and ministers need to be organized.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “It takes as much energy to WISH as it does to PLAN.” I resonate with this statement. In many instances, as pastors, ministers, and directors, we want to make sure we are so spirit-led in what we do that we push down the idea of being organized in our thoughts and deeds. We want to be so relational that we throw out the need for having a long-term plan for how to accomplish all that God has called. A plan is a good thing. Organization is good!

I believe that ORGANIZATION (systems, processes, plans, etc.) is not an ugly word with no place in ministry. In fact, I strongly believe a majority of ministries would be so much more effective if the leaders in those ministries would simply get an organized plan together.  

So why is organization important?

why organization important

Organization Shows Clear Direction. 

As the Lord leads you and as you develop a plan for how you will do all the Lord has for you, put that plan in writing. Pray over the things He has shown you. Ask Him for clarity in what you are hearing, seeing, and thinking. Once you have taken this step, practically think through how you will accomplish what He has shown you. 

When you have a clear direction from the Lord, get organized in the implementation of it all. When organization marries with clear direction, you have freedom.

Organization Aids in Communication.

In my experience, one of the hardest things to do well in ministry is communicating clearly and thoroughly. When you organize your plans, communication is much easier.

Think about it- if you were stranded in the desert with a group of people but knew the way out and what steps needed to be taken to get out, wouldn’t you be able to communicate much more clearly than if you had no idea of how you were going to make it home?

As ministry leaders, when we have a plan and organize to implement that plan, communication strengthens all aspects of the plan. You are clearly able to answer the question, “Do you know where we are going?” to parents, leaders, and students alike.

Organization Keeps Things on Track.

One of the best ways I have found to say “NO” is by clearly knowing what I am saying “YES” to. Too many times in ministry, you will find yourself around other leaders (sometimes even those in authority over you) who have many great plans for you to consider. For example, an email they received with something that looks “really cool,” something that they did when were in student or children’s ministry, etc. 

The best way to counteract bad ideas and suggestions is to be organized in your thoughts and plans. Your plan becomes the answer to other people’s suggestions. Please understand that I am not saying other people do not have good suggestions for you to consider. Surely you are not the only one with good direction and ideas. With that said, you have prayed through the direction the Lord has shown you. You are living and leading out of the plan. Protect it. Believe in it. Rest in that. Organization screams clarity. Clarity in your mission screams “follow me.”

It’s one thing to have an organized plan. Another key aspect of organization is how you will personally stay organized in implementing that plan.

There are all kinds of ways to get yourself organized. 

My advice to you is to get a plan that works for you. I could give you ten different programs I have used over the years to help me take good notes or to make to-do lists or to check my emails or to calendar things. Instead of me telling you something that works for me that may not work for you, I would simply encourage you to have a plan that fits who you are, how you think and process, and that will stick with you for a while. 

For me, different stages of life bring on different ways of staying organized. Also, as new tools come out (there seems to be a new latest and greatest just about every year), I encourage you to evaluate what is best for you. Some of the most organized people I know still get it done with a physical notebook and day planner. Make it your own and then own the process of getting and staying organized.  

Again, let’s ask the question, “Why?”

Why do we need to make being organized such a priority as a leader?

We Get to Do More of What We Love to Do.

Being organized personally gives us much more time to do all that God has called us to do. We will have more margin than if we had just flown by the seat of our pants that day. Believe that! You will accomplish so much more when you have an organized plan.

Organization and Efficiency are Contagious.

The more you accomplish, the more those that follow you will accomplish. The more those that follow you accomplish, the more your mission is accomplished. Hard, intentional work breeds hard, intentional work. In the same way, organization in one person’s life breeds organization in someone else’s life. Be a trendsetter in organization. Lead your people in finding out what they really can do when they have a little organization in their life. 

There is Too Much to be Done.

You will always have more you want to do or more that needs to be done. Being organized allows you to see the progress you are making. It also allows you to see where adjustments need to be made. There will always be another thing. You need all the help you can get. Use the tools you can to accomplish the things the Lord has given you.

Organization has a place in ministry- a big place. And it doesn’t take away from the Lord’s leading. It actually gives clarity to the leading. 

I do not believe anyone is wise enough, smart enough, or has a memory good enough to remember all that there is to do. Maybe for a season, you can pull it off, but you will find yourself in the weeds quicker than you think. It’s just not worth it.

Receive the plan from the Lord, pray though the plan, organize your thoughts, and then get rolling. Along the way, evaluate the overall plan and how you are implementing the plan, make course corrections, and keep going (Don’t forget to bring people with you.). If you do this, I believe you will enjoy the ministry the Lord has given you in a fresh and fulfilling way!


Jason Pyron is the Ministries and Leadership Development Pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. He has served there for 15 years, where he began as the Middle School Pastor. Jason oversees all age group ministries as well as the internship program. He also oversees the professional development of the staff and aids volunteers in their training and development. Jason is the husband to Dorie and father to a high schooler and two middle schoolers. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or email him at jpyron@bellevue.org.


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