A new year offers new beginnings, new opportunities, and new perspectives. As you navigate through your faith journey and seek to lead the ministries and families in your span of care, there are also some new tools that YOU can use. As we take our first steps into 2023, we want to encourage you, your volunteers, and the parents you lead to consider walking away from the often-ineffective practice of setting new year’s resolutions. We all know that resolutions focus not on formation but on behavior, and they often don’t stick for very long. What if there was a tool you, your volunteers, and the parents in your church could use that would help to truly change the focus of the new year? What if there was a lens you could look through that would shape you in a powerful way? We believe the practice of picking a word for the year can be just the tool to propel you forward in your faith. The resources we’ve created this month revolve around the book My One Word (www.myoneword.org), and we would encourage you to lean into this concept, pick a word yourself, and share the idea with the volunteers on your team and parents in your church. One word really can change your life.

For more on this topic, don’t forget to check out the blog articles, coaching video, online parenting class video, toolbox item, and the latest episode of the M2P Podcast. Remember that we are here to serve you and to help you serve parents, so let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you or your ministry.

Happy New Year!

The M2P Team


This “My One Word Worksheet” helps anyone (ministry leaders, volunteers, parents, and even kids/teenagers) go through a simple process of picking one word for 2023. This will be a word that will help shape your faith and how you see the world. Picking a word helps us focus on formation and development rather than behavior modification.


  • Download the “My One Word Worksheet” and post it on your website.
  • Email volunteers and parents you lead a copy of the resource or a link to it and encourage them to set aside some time to work through it and even lead their kids/teens through the process.
  • Print copies of the document for parents to grab at church.
  • Use the worksheet to pick a word for yourself.
To download, click HERE for youth and HERE for kids, and HERE for you as a ministry leader or volunteer leader.

We are launching the new year with a focus on how we, as ministry leaders, can step into 2023 in a bit of a different way. Instead of making more New Year’s resolutions that we rarely keep, we can simply pick one word to frame our year. In our coaching video, we’ve invited pastor, author, and creator of My One Word, Mike Ashcraft, to walk us through why this is a better way to grow in our faith and how we can do this ourselves.

To view, click HERE for youth and HERE for kids.

As we step into a new year, give the parents within your ministry influence the gift of a way to lose that long list of resolutions–all their sweeping promises to change–and do something about one thing this year instead of nothing about everything. We’ve invited the pastor, author, and creator of My One Word, Mike Ashcraft, to share this unique tool he’s created with parents and teach them how to use it for themselves and utilize it within their families. When we just pick New Year’s resolutions, they often focus on changing our behaviors instead of molding our character. Picking a word for the year can help parents and families consistently evaluate how they are being formed and changed as they navigate different circumstances in life. Mike will share how this powerful tool can impact parents, kids, and teenagers as they determine who they want to be moving into this new year. To view, click HERE for youth and HERE for kids.

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