In your family ministry you want to constantly be looking for ways to connect with parents.  One way to minister to parents is to send them a card on their kid’s birthday.  After all, that’s the day they became a parent!  It should be celebrated too 🙂

This episode of Parent Ministry University gives you some tips on how to surprise parents in a good way with birthday cards.


In the video, I mentioned that you can easily create cards of parents to send on their kids birthday that are fun and make a surprising connection.

Here are some tips mentioned in the video:

#1 Make it FUN!

Do a fun photo shoot that gets the parent’s attention and is memorable.  Here are some examples of fun birthday card photo shoots I’ve done in the past.

(These photos & designs are from Brandon Wood at Indie Bling Studios)

#2 Clearly Identify the Ministry Leaders on the Card

These cards are a great way to help parents connect who the leaders of the ministry are.  It’s a little naive to assume that every parent knows who you are and what your role is at the church.

This is a chance to introduce yourself or familiarize yourself with parents while giving them an encouraging word.

Two questions that parents ask when they come to your ministry are…

“Who’s the leader?”

“Can I trust the leader?”

These cards can be a quick and easy way to start answering those questions.

#3  Don’t spend too much money!

This doesn’t have to be expensive.  Here are some services that print post cards inexpensively.  (btw- I’ve got no affiliation with these companies.  Just trying to save you some time looking around.)


We hope that you have fun creating cards for the parents in your ministry.  If you use a little bit of creativity you’ll create a connection with parents without breaking your ministry budget!


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