#033: How Churches Can Help Parents Find Healthy Mentors

How Churches Can Help Parents Find Healthy Mentors

Parenting is an arduous yet rewarding journey because it’s new terrain with a unique one-of-a-kind kid. It’s like they’re flying blind all the time. So when another voice pops in and says, “I’ve been here, and there, and survived,” parents breathe a sigh of relief…for a brief moment. For one minute, they know “they’re not alone.” In today’s episode, How Churches Can Help Parents Find Healthy Mentors, Elisabeth and Jeremy discuss the power of mentorship within parent and family ministry. They know how busy you already are, so they offer three easy-to-do and straightforward solutions that you can quickly implement into your children or youth ministry.

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There’s wisdom for all stages of life throughout Proverbs. These daily posts provide insightful and timely applications for moms, dads, and teens alike. This resource will help your families unearth the treasures in God’s Word as they pursue wisdom in their everyday life. ~ Nick, Family Pastor


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