“What happens if I reach beyond the student? What if I offer fewer pizza parties and focus on the parents?”

These questions fostered an idea in Jeremy Lee over eleven years ago. As a youth ministry leader, he wanted to include parents but didn’t know HOW to start. This moment inspired an idea that became Ministry to Parents.


Our members come from 42 states and 7 countries! Because our resources are not specific to a denomination, we serve a broad spectrum of congregations such as Methodist, Lutherans, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Bible, Catholic, Baptist, Nazarene, and More! 

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jeremy lee ministry to parents

Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee is the founder and co-owner of Ministry to Parents, co-author of Pass It On, and has over twenty-five years of ministry experience, including podcasterblogger, and speaker

He holds a Masters of Divinity in Theology and is passionate about helping church leaders create strategic plans for connecting with the parents in their church. 

His love for entrepreneurship has inspired over six companies and, most importantly, given him the freedom and flexibility to enjoy time with his family.

He is a cancer survivor, collects Mr. T trinkets, and is an avid, just-short-of-stalker-status fan of the Tennessee Titans. 

Jeremy lives outside Nashville, TN, with his wife Elisabeth and two sons.

elisabeth lee ministry to parents

Elisabeth Lee

Elisabeth Lee is a Creative who finds joy in the simplest moments of life.  She believes in the struggle, tension, and fulfillment that comes from the adventure of life and brings that passion to M2P as co-owner.

 She uses podcastingblogging, and teaching to offer hope for church leaders and parents during their challenges. She has over twenty-five years of ministry and experience and holds a Masters of Divinity in Theology. 

Her favorite place in the world is her art studio, where she dreams and creates, whether it be a confetti-filled note for a friend or Digital Devotions for M2P. She loves macro and nature photography and enjoys playing sports with her sons and drinking dark coffee. 

Elisabeth lives outside Nashville, TN, with her husband, Jeremy, and two sons.