About M2P

What would happen if you did more parent ministry and fewer pizza parties? 

How many of your students receive spiritual support from home? 

These questions and other conversations fostered an idea in Jeremy Lee. As a ministry leader, he knew deep down he wanted to include parents in his ministry but didn’t know HOW to start. 

After years of trial and error, he learned how to connect with both students and parents, which inspired Ministry to Parents. For the past ten years, M2P saved leaders hours of planning, so they can spend more time building relationships with students and parents instead of creating resources. 


jeremy lee ministry to parents

Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee is the founder and co-owner of M2P, co-author of Pass It On, and has more than twenty-five years of ministry experience. He is passionate about helping ministers create strategic plans for connecting with the parents in their church. He lives outside Nashville, TN with his wife Elisabeth and two sons. You can find on Jeremy on FBInsta, or Twitter.

elisabeth lee ministry to parents

Elisabeth Lee

Elisabeth Lee is the Content Director and co-owner of M2P, author of She Stands Tall, and has more than twenty-five years of ministry experience. She holds an MDiv in Theology and is an author, speaker, and creative. She enjoys SEC football, espresso, artisan papers, and the outdoors. Her heart is her husband, Jeremy, two sons, and a bearded dragon. They live outside Nashville, TN. You can find her on FBInsta, Twitter, and Unsplash.