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Maybe you’re thinking of starting a parent ministry, or perhaps you’ve just been promoted to a NextGen position. Regardless of how you’re here, you’re in the hunt for something about family ministry that can help you with your job. Today, we share with you three of our top ten blog posts on family ministry. As people search, these are a few of the places they’re landing…and then sharing. We hope they give you a little bit of what you’re looking for.


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Top Ten Mistakes Family Ministries Make

As churches look to expand their parent ministry, we can always learn from those who’ve gone before us- the “what to do and what not to do.” So today, we give you some inside tips on what to avoid.  Here are the top ten mistakes family ministries make.

10. “NO WAY, NO HOW”: Not Using Parents as Leaders.

It is a mistake to approach family ministry as a ministry TO families and not a ministry WITH families. Involving parents in the life of their family is not only about home life, but also church life. Utilizing a parent as a leader in the areas of ministry where their children or teenagers are involved can be a huge blessing to the parent, the child/student, and even to you as a leader.





how to respond to angry parents in your ministry

How to Respond to Angry Parents in your Family Ministry

Let’s talk about the dark side of Parent Ministry. In fact, one reason youth and children ministers avoid ministry altogether is Parent Drama. Angry parents can be a huge drain on your energy level as a church leader and is a source of some serious stress. But there are some important habits you can develop to help diffuse angry parents, so you can get back to the fun parts of family ministry. Here are 5 ways to respond to angry parents in your ministry. 

1. Let them be heard.

90% of the complaints and anger I’ve experienced from parents go away if I **genuinely** listen to them. Even if I don’t do what they say, they typically calm down if they know they’ve been heard.





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5 Ways to Lead Well In A World of Virtual Gatherings

The dust has only begun to settle from the first months of this pandemic. Some churches have media teams that have excelled at creating online worship experiences. Others have but a few staff members who feel overwhelmed trying to minister to their community from a distance. So, what can we do to lead well in a world of virtual gatherings? Here are five practical ways to excel in this brave new world.

1. Simplify content

Keep your messages and communication simple! Rather than bogging down inboxes, consider ways to build up leaders each week. Truth is needed now more than ever.

  • What is the strength of your church? Leverage your strengths to maximize your opportunities. Limit the time spent on your weaknesses. A pandemic isn’t likely the best time to fix issues your church has struggled with for years.
  • How can you streamline communication in your church? Work together to share what’s most important each week, considering both the quantity and quality of the message. Collaboration is a key component in streamlining content!




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