Our Favorite Books for Church Leaders: How to Build a Family Ministry

Our Favorite Books for Church Leaders:

How to Build a Family Ministry

Did you set a goal to read more books this year? Are you looking to step up your family ministry game, and need some book recommendations to help you? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite books for church leaders that are building a family ministry in their church.

We know that there are more great books that aren’t on this list. Please send us any recommendations you’d like us to consider for future lists. You can email info@ministrytoparents.com with your suggestions.


A helpful resource that offers the reader insights into three different standpoints of a ministry that includes parents and families.

A book based on years of research following 500 church students after they graduated high school into their college years to discover what makes their faith “stick” for the long-term.

A book giving a better understanding of the growing moment in churches that are choosing to reestablish the home as the center of faith development.

A strategic look at how to better intertwine the church and home in a partnership that will make faith last for the long haul in the life of the next generation.

A clear look and challenge for the modern church to become less separated and more connected across the generations, offering research and practical ideas.

This resource explains that family ministry in more than a fad or new ministry strategy; it is based on a Biblical foundation and an understanding of our theology.

In the world of broken homes and dysfunctional families, the church must become a place for the next generation to come and find an adoptive family that will care for them and their soul.

An outstanding book with multiple contributors, giving a comprehensive understanding of the practical and theological rationale behind family-based ministry.


A helpful, easy topical guide of “how to” ideas to create a lasting partnership with parents and families in your ministry.

A thorough step-by-step guide to help you establish a discipleship-based family ministry in your church and community.

One of the original books in the family and parent ministry movement that continues to live on with practical ideas. It offers a quality understanding of where we have been and where we need to go as the church.

A recent book challenging pastors, teachers, and parents to make sure that there is a holistic, long-term approach to our ministry in order to assure that the next generation will grow and continue as people of God for life.

The home is the place where faith and spiritual life begins. This children’s ministry book will help leaders empower and enable parents to create a home that is growing in faith.

A book of essentials to understanding that parents are your partners in ministry, not the enemy. This is a careful and thoughtful book written by a respected veteran in youth ministry.

A must-have on the shelf of anyone seeking to do successful family-integrated ministry. It includes a wide variety of writers and experts, giving concrete, practical advice.

Family ministry and including parents is more than another programming idea. This book lays out in 7 clear steps how to move your ministry in a new direction, without tricks or quick fixes.

While at first, some might see this book as an attack on the current youth ministry model, after a closer, thoughtful read you will see the true heart of family ministry/youth ministry connection.

Dan Istvanik has been working in youth ministry for 25 years, serving in churches in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Washington DC.  He is a speaker, ministry coach, writer, and contributor to other ministry resources. You can contact Dan at  www.mymresources.com, where he shares student ministry resources.

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