In our last blog post, we shared the new Ministry to Parents Road Map, which won’t just tell you why you need to build a ministry to parents but HELP YOU get it done.

The road map outlines these 4 steps to building a ministry to parents at your church:

  1. Build a Parent Ministry Plan
  2. Encourage Parents
  3. Help Parents Lead
  4. Care for Your Soul

Each step along this journey will help you and your church multiply your ministry efforts by leveraging the powerful influence of parents. For today’s blog post, we’re going to focus on: STEP 1 – BUILD A PARENT MINISTRY PLAN.

Building a plan in children’s or youth ministry establishes a foundation for your program. Be strategic and selective with your events, guidelines, and vision because when you do…

you build trust with your parents which leads to a relationship.

Once a relationship is established, they are more likely to receive encouragement from you (STEP TWO) and eventually help to lead their kids (STEP THREE).

We, at Ministry to Parents, provide you the “HOW TO” resources to build a parent ministry plan through four areas. They are:


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As always, it is our pleasure to partner with you.

~ The Ministry to Parents Team