#055: When *Church Leaders* Need To Leave Their Church

When *Church Leaders* Need To Leave Their Church

Part 4 of the *Leave* Series

In the final episode of What To Do When People *Leave* series, Elisabeth and Jeremy answer a question that church leaders entertain at some point during their duration of ministry…When is it time to leave work for this particular church?  Because each circumstance is unique and specialized for each person, they offer four markers that help leaders identify if they are ready to transition.

To download the FREE Minister’s Transition Kit by Jeff and Lora Helton, click HERE.

It covers the subjects:  How to Enter a Church Well, How to Leave a Church Well, and 7 Ways to Guide Children in Transition.

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To check out Jeff and Lora Helton, click HERE. 


To listen to Nick Mobley’s interview on Ministry Burnout as mentioned in the show, click HERE.


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5 Helpful Tips For When Families Leave Your Church

Estimated Time of Departure


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