#049: How To Heal From Church Hurt: Interview With Jeremy Lee

How To Heal From Church Hurt

Interview with Jeremy Lee

Part 1 of the Church Hurt Series

Ministry to Parents features their brand-new podcast series How To Heal From Hurt with a special episode where Jeremy takes the interviewee’s seat. As a twenty-year + veteran in ministry, he recalls his church experiences and the life lessons he gained from them. In today’s episode, church leaders will find wisdom, counsel, hope, connection, camaraderie, and insight as Jeremy shares his answers to the questions below.

Will you tell us a bit about how you got into ministry?

How did you come to learn about church hurt?

How would you define church hurt?

Are there different side-effects of “church hurt” versus “hurt in general?” If so, what are they?

Is it possible to recover from church hurt? If so, what are some of those steps?

Our listeners are people who work in the church. What specific insight can you give them regarding church hurt?

If you could recommend one to two books or a podcast for a church leader, which ones would you suggest?


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