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#004: How to Honor the Sabbath When You Work on Sunday with Tim Drury

How do church leaders take a Sabbath rest when they work on Sunday? Tim Drury, the author of this week’s blog post, joins the conversation as he shares his personal experience. Celebrating 23 years of marriage, Elisabeth and Jeremy tell the story of their wedding day with 12 bridesmaids, 12 groomsmen, 2 pastors, and a partridge in a pear tree! We’ve also got another episode of “Parent Calls” featuring our M2P member, Rhonda Crosser, from Iowa, talking to funny guy Adam as “Know-it-all-Nolan.”

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In the show, Jeremy mentioned that he edited their wedding video down to one minute.  If you’d like to check it out to count their bridesmaids and groomsmen ?, you can go HERE

[This week's transcript includes a few highlights from Tim Drury's interview. We hope this gives you a nice taste of the full episode.]

Tim Drury
One of the things that I found out is that I really, to use an illustration, it's like being stuck in the mud. You know, you're running so fast and you hit this muddy patch and you're spinning your wheels. There's nothing actually productive coming out. You have nothing to give to other people ministry so much is pouring yourself into other people. But when your battery's empty, then you have nothing to give.

Tim Drury
Over the last probably two years, my wife is just amazing organization, and so I invited her to help me with that because it's not my giftedness.

Tim Drury
And I made a planner. And I started writing things down, looking at monthly goals, looking about where I was headed in ministry, starting writing that down. And then, you know what? If I didn't get something done in that week, I just moved it to the next week and made it a top priority that week so that it does get done. But when I walk out of the office, I could be done and then go ahead and rest and then be ready on Sunday to be able to engage.

Tim Drury
I think one of the lies that sometimes I believe is that if I'm not constantly producing, that I'm not being a good minister, I'm not being a good ministry leader if I'm not constantly producing. And what is that producing look like and so sometimes you need people to come inside just to help change your trajectory just a little bit. Ultimately, the day of rest is us connecting with God so that He gets to change our trajectory, that he gets to direct our plan, because the plans that we may have already said this is where I need to go, He needs to adjust those.

Tim Drury
And so it's coming and pairing with the world. But also there's other people that he brings alongside us that are gifted to help us with that.

Tim Drury
You know, there's nothing wrong with just putting our feet up and watching a show, but that's super easy but refreshing and resting actually is for three parts. It's our intellectual, spiritual and physical. And so we are taking those parts and we're thinking about what am I doing in my day of rest that recharges and sharpens me in each of those areas.

Tim Drury
And so that's one thing that we have to think through when it comes to rest. And it's specifically so that we're refreshed to serve the Lord again, not just so that I'm putting my feet up and but we're stopping the productivity so that we can re-sharpen and refocus for the week ahead that God has for us.

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