During the month of February, love is in the air. So, let’s take this opportunity to address the “elephant in the room” during the month of love and tackle the sometimes comical (and always awkward) conversation around dating and relationships with your teenager. Don’t run away! We’ve got you covered and are providing you with several resources that will help you get this conversation rolling and even evaluate how you are handling this important topic in your home. Plus, we are offering you some ideas and tools that will better equip you to step into these conversations in a real, meaningful, and slightly less awkward way. Let’s be real, with the culture we live in, and our teenagers are swimming in a deep and very loud ocean of thoughts on sex, dating, and relationships. They are hearing, seeing, thinking, and being fed a steady narrative about it all the time. As a parent who loves and wants the very best for their teen, you can’t afford to be silent (no matter how awkward leaning in might be). This is a topic and an ongoing conversation that we simply can’t ignore, and one that isn’t going away!




When it comes to parenting, we need to talk to our teenagers about anything, so that they will talk to us about everything. If we can pay attention to even the most trivial of topics that our teenagers want to talk about and actively listen to the most mundane stories, we build a foundation of trust that will open doors to more serious and sticky conversations. In this month’s video, you get to hear from yet another new voice as Karin Sasser shares some insight and motherly wisdom about how we, as parents, can step into the sometimes tricky (and always somewhat awkward) conversation about dating and relationships with our teenagers. We hope that this short video will encourage, challenge, and equip you with some ways to begin or even rekindle an ongoing conversation with your teenagers to discover the purpose of dating, think through developing sexual integrity, and build some solid convictions around dating. It’s a critical conversation that we, as parents, can’t afford to avoid. The world is speaking loudly and often to your teenager on this topic; what are you saying?

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