As spiritual leaders in the home, there is no greater task than guiding your teenagers to embrace their identity in Christ. In a world full of conflicting messages and social pressures, helping your children develop a deep understanding of their worth and purpose in God’s eyes is critical. We all hope to lead our teenagers to build a strong foundation in faith, embracing an identity rooted in their relationship with God that will give them what they need to navigate life’s challenges with grace and confidence. We want for them to know they are unconditionally loved and accepted by their Heavenly Father. This month, we hope to encourage you to both model what it means to live from an identity in Christ and step into some practices that will hopefully lead your teenager to develop their identity in a healthy way.

To do that, we are providing you with a simple, effective, and practical resource to help you encourage your teenagers during a time when their identity is being shaped, influenced, and challenged. Everyone needs encouragement as they seek to grow in their identity in Christ, and our teenagers, especially, are at a critical point in their journey of faith that requires a little extra attention and some positive nudges. So, this month’s Toolbox Resource aims to help you to do just that!

This month’s resource is a collection of 30 Notes Of Wisdom for you to print and put in your teenager’s car, sneak in a backpack, write on a bathroom/bedroom mirror, or even typed into a text. These notes point your teenagers to Jesus and remind them that God knows them, loves them, and is always with/for them.




One of the real joys of parenting is getting to watch teenagers grow and develop into who God has created them to be. Over the years, so many things change, and these once little people morph into bigger people who have thoughts, dreams, and ideas for the future. But we all know that, as they grow, they begin to have questions, doubts, and fears about the future. They settle into asking themselves the questions that adolescents (and adults) have asked for years: Who am I? Where do I fit? What’s my purpose? These three core questions all point to the journey we are all on to understand our identity.

This month’s Online Parenting Class encourages parents to do a few things. First, as parents, we need to land on our own identity and learn to live in a place that is rooted in our relationship with God. Many parents struggle with their own identity as a follower of Jesus, so they have a hard time leading their teenagers in that direction. In the video, we challenge you to look at your own thoughts and beliefs and work on your own identity. Next, as parents, we need to be having conversations with our teens about identity and paying attention to how they are growing and developing. Building a strong relationship with your children so you can have these important conversations is critical, and as parents, you need more tools and ideas on how to make this happen. This month’s video will help.

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