Coaches are non-stop evaluators. A good coach is constantly evaluating their own plays, schemes, and plans as well as that of their opponents. Good coaches also spend a lot of their time and attention evaluating their players. Great coaches are also constantly evaluating and spending time on all these things. But a great coach is also highly intentional when it comes to taking the time to evaluate themselves as part of the process. A great coach is humble and dedicated enough to put in the work it takes to evaluate themselves through honesty and the use of personal insight so that they can become even better at what they do. This is part of the secret sauce that makes great coaches great, and it’s part of your secret sauce to becoming the parent you want to be. This month, the team at M2P has created and provided you with a self-evaluation tool to use as the coach of your kids. Don’t worry; this Parenting Self-Evaluation & Personal-Growth Resource is not meant to make you feel bad about yourself or your parenting skills, but hopefully, it will give you some insight and encourage you to “get in the game” in some key areas as you seek to help your kids thrive in the game of life and in their faith journey.



In this month’s Online Parenting Class video, we point you to some specific ways you can “get in the game” when it comes to leading your kids spiritually. Remember, you are the most important and impactful coach they will ever have, so take some time to think through how you can step into that role more and more every day.

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