As we all seek to help our kids grow spiritually, there is no greater investment than guiding them to embrace their identity in Christ. In a world full of conflicting messages and social pressures, developing a deep understanding of their worth and purpose in God’s eyes is so important. By leaning into resources and seeking guidance on how to nurture a strong foundation of faith, you are equipping yourself to instill the values you want your kids to have. Values like love, compassion, and resilience can all be a part of their identity as a follower of Jesus. Embracing their identity in Christ empowers them to navigate life’s challenges with grace and confidence, knowing they are unconditionally loved and accepted by their Heavenly Father no matter what. This month, we hope to encourage you to step into conversations about identity with your kids and be proactive in helping them understand who they are and how that impacts how they live.

To do that, we are providing you with a simple, effective, and practical resource to help you encourage your kids during a time when their identity is being shaped, influenced, and challenged. Everyone needs encouragement as they seek to grow in their identity in Christ, and our kids, especially, are at a critical point in their journey of faith that requires a little extra attention and some positive nudges. So, this month’s Toolbox Resource aims to help you to do just that!

This month’s resource is a collection of 30 Lunchbox Notes for you to print and put in your child’s lunchbox or sneak in a backpack. These notes point your kids to Jesus and remind them that God knows them, loves them, and is always with/for them.




This month’s Online Parenting Class focuses on a few pieces of Scripture that can give you some ideas about how to talk to your kids about their identity. There is so much we need to do in order to help our kids embrace their identity in Christ, and it all starts with communication. How we use our words and the things we highlight in conversations matter when it comes to leading our kids to develop a healthy identity. What we celebrate and value as we move through family life will greatly contribute to our kids’ thoughts and beliefs about who they are and how they fit in the world. There is so much information and so many ideas coming their way, so we, as parents, need to do everything we can to lead our kids to the identity we hope and pray they will embrace.

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