A huge announcement…

Enrollment for new members is open now through Thursday, August 29 at 10pm EST.

As a member, you get “done for you” resources, based on the 4 steps of the Ministry to Parents Road Map, to:

  • Help you BUILD a parent ministry plan.
  • ENCOURAGE parents as they navigate the crazy childhood and teenage years.
  • Help parents spiritually LEAD their children and teenagers.
  • Help you CARE for the soul so you can sustain your ministry call long term.

GO HERE for membership details.

Enrollment is open through Thursday, August 29 at 10pm Eastern U.S. time only.

For the past 9+ years, we have partnered with thousands of churches to help them connect to the parents in their church. We believe in this mission because parents are the most significant spiritual influence in the lives of students.

Most of us know we “SHOULD” be ministering to parents, but we don’t know “HOW” to do it.

If that is you, you are not alone! We listened to ministers share about the difficulties behind building a ministry to parents and discovered nine main reasons.

1) PARENTS DON’T TRUST US. Do parents believe I have created a safe ministry environment?

2) PARENTS ARE CONFUSED. Do parents feel like I offer clear communication?

3) PARENTS ARE A PROBLEM AND NOT A PARTNER. Do parents only interact with the ministry when they have a complaint?

4) I HAVE NO PLAN TO HELP PARENTS IN CRISIS. Do parents see the ministry as a place to go when their family is in chaos?

5) PARENTS ARE LEFT OUT. Do parents feel like the ministry is all about the students and does not offer anything for them?

6) PARENTS ARE UNINSPIRED. Do parents receive guilt trips from the ministry, or are they inspired to lead their kid spiritually?

7) PARENTS DON’T LEAVE THE PARKING LOT. Do parents feel welcome and involved in the ministry, or do they sit in the parking lot and wait for their student?

8) PARENTS ARE ISOLATED. Do parents have opportunities within the ministry to meet with other parents who share similar struggles?

9) PARENTS DON’T HAVE A LEADER. Do parents have someone in the ministry who supports them and lovingly challenges them to grow as the spiritual leader of their student?

We created Ministry to Parents to help you overcome these obstacles.  

We save you hours of planning, so you don’t have to create the resources on your own. You can spend more time building relationships with students and parents as well as taking the time to care for your soul (Oh yes! We care just as much about you!).

We only open up membership a few times a year, and this is one of those times.

So, don’t miss it.

Your Ministry Partner, 

Jeremy Lee