Who cares for you while you care for others? The answer to this question is why Care for the Soul is the first step in the M2P Roadmap. To learn more, click HERE. This month, our blog series is on MINISTRY BURNOUT. All M2P Members receive Nick’s e-book, How to Prevent, Treat, and Recover from Ministry Burnout, which includes practical advice and worksheets. 

How to Prevent, Treat, and Recover from Ministry Burnout: Video Interview

Nick Mobley is a husband, father, and ministry leader who experienced first-hand what it feels like to burnout. Recently, he shared his story with Jeremy Lee, Coaching Director of Ministry to Parents, so other ministry leaders can learn how to prevent, treat, and recover from ministry burnout.

If you think you might be experiencing burnout or want to talk to someone, please contact us at info@ministrytoparents.com. Although we are not professionally licensed counselors, we can listen. In addition, we can help you find resources that are confidential and professional.

If you want to speak with a life-coach online who can listen and empathize about ministry leadership, we recommend Jeff & Lora Helton from Wellspring. You can contact them HERE.

Thank you, Nick, for boldly offering your story with us.

~The M2P Team

Nick has served in student ministry for 20 years and currently serves as Family Pastor at Northside Baptist in middle TN. His passion is helping families show and share their faith from house to house. He and his wife Courtney have 3 children, Samuel, Sophia, & Asa. They love ice cream, the outdoors, and think that Dauphin Island, Alabama, is one of the coolest places to spend a vacation.

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