Keeping Your Family Safe Online

With COVID-19, school and after-school activities came to an abrupt stop, leaving students more time online. Since quarantine, there’s been an uptick in cyber-trafficking and online luring of kids. Mother-Daughter team, Tasha and Zoe Levert, partnered with the DOJ and Shield of North Carolina to create resources that help keep your family safe online.


Text or email this image to friends and families and help protect kids online!

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Share this video with teenagers so they can learn 5 ways to stay safe online.


Tasha Levert, a licensed professional counselor, is in private practice where she provides face-to-face and online counseling at Broom Tree Counseling. Her daughter, Zoe, is a junior in high school. She is active in her youth group, and is passionate about keeping young people safe online.

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