Your July Resources Are Here!

This month is all about helping you both build a solid ministry for parents at your church as well as helping parents lead their kids to connect with God through your church. As we head into the fall, we want to encourage parents to have a plan as they build their fall rhythms. We want to help you, as a ministry leader, focus on a few things that will better position you to influence parents and families in this next season. We want to provide a practical tool for parents that will give them something to do each day as we approach the new school year.


Don’t ever forget, what you are doing in your ministry to parents matters, and we want to encourage you along that journey. Oh, and did we mention that there is a new season of the M2P Podcast? You should definitely check that out!


The M2P Team

WHAT IS IT? This calendar is designed to help parents intentionally pray for their kids in several different areas. The prompts focus on their child’s involvement at church, their relationships and experience at school, their relationships with their peers, and their personal faith. HOW TO USE IT
  • Download the calendar and place it somewhere parents have easy access (online).
  • Email parents introducing the calendar and either attach the calendar or share a link where they can download it.
  • Print copies of the calendar for parents to grab at church.
To download, click HERE.

  As a ministry leader and M2P subscriber, you obviously believe in the importance of building a ministry to the whole family and having a real impact on parents. In this month’s coaching video, we give you some practical tips on things you can do to continue to strengthen your ministry to parents.

To download, click HERE.

In this month’s video for parents, we encourage them to take the end of the summer to reset their faith and consider how they can help their kids and teens be even more invested in the life of your church as the fall approaches.

To download, click HERE.


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