family ministry resources for children and youth

It’s June! Your Family Ministry Resources Are Here!

For some, June is a month filled with outdoor grilling, stockpiled cans of bug spray, and beach towel turnover. For others, like our M2P friends in Australia, it’s the winter months with lots of snuggles, cups of cocoa, and thick, fuzzy socks. Regardless of location, June is the perfect time to take that much-needed getaway because June presents an invitation for “pause,” even if it’s a small book nook down the street.

June is the halfway mark through the year, giving us the opportune time to look back on the last five months and take inventory. What do we want to take with us into the next six months? What do we want to eliminate? Personally? Professionally? It’s an excellent marker to remind us to stop and breathe. And if we’re on auto-pilot, it gives us a chance to get off. So whether you’re in a swimsuit or a flannel onesie, we hope you find that much-needed time to pull away.


3 ways to balance screen time summer

Click here to start this podcast series on Technology Takeover with Tony Bianco from Family Technology Plan.

Episode 41. 3 Ways to Balance Screen Time This Summer (With Tony Bianco)

Episode 42. Making the Most of Technology in Your Ministry

Episode 43. Where “Bored” Students will spend their time on the Internet

Episode 44. Using Technology to Keep Your Students Connected Over Summer

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Online Parenting Videos

Teen Edition

Seasons of Change: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Teen For College

Parenthood is constantly bringing about seasons of change. Once a student enters high school, it seems the speed doubles. Many parents are already thinking about life after their teen’s graduation. What will she do? Where will he go? In this video, we inspire parents with five ways to help them prepare their teen for college or life after high school.

Kids Edition

Seasons of Change: 4 Conversations to Prepare Your Child For Middle School

As children enter the last few years of elementary school, we want to help parents prepare them for junior high. In this video, we give them four conversations to use during car rides that provide their son or daughter with guidance for the middle school years.

4 conversation to prepare your child for middle school


Our 2nd edition of the popular Say This, Not That gives parents a conversation prompt to help them respond in an emotionally healthy way when their child or teen shares about a “sticky” situation. 

Teen Edition

Kid Edition

conversation prompts for parents

Coaching Video

how to engage disconnected families

How to Engage Disconnected Families

Church leaders have endless lists running through their minds on any given day. Now and then, a thought pops in, “Where is the Jones family? I haven’t seen them in a while.” Then, another thought arrives, and we move on.

So how can we reach those families without putting in place a brand new program? What can we do to reconnect with families while we lead our ministries and organizations? In this quick video, you will learn simple, practical tips to implement into your every day quickly.

Partner Resource

co parenting international

This month, your upcoming partner resource is Tammy Daughtry from CoParenting International, who has been helping co-parents raise amazing kids in complex families since 2004.


family ministry resources for children and youth




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