care for the soul

Care for the Soul

September 2021

Kicking off Care for the Soul (part of the M2P Roadmap*), we cover specific topics that aren’t always the topic of conversation but are hidden struggles for many people, such as delayed puberty and a child’s body image. We also created Parent Cue Cards, a tool to help parents learn how to foster their child’s heart. For church leaders, we choose to dive into a personal subject for the podcast and blog…How to Heal From Church Hurt. Thank you for the privilege to partner with you in ministry. Blessings to you during this coming month.

~ The M2P Team

* To learn more about the M2P Roadmap, check out Elisabeth and Jeremy’s webinar on How to Build a Parent Ministry in 4 Steps HERE.

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Podcast and Blog

How to Heal From Church Hurt


This month, Ministry to Parents kicks off a new series around the subject of church hurt. Elisabeth and Jeremy interview folks on the M2P Podcast along with inviting authors to share their insight and story. To start the series, click HERE.

Click HERE  to listen to How To Heal From Church Hurt: Interview With Jeremy Lee.


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Online Parenting Videos

Teen Edition

Delayed Puberty: 4 Ways to Encourage a Teen

When a child doesn’t go through puberty when the majority of their peer circles do, it can be isolating for the teen. They can feel lonely and begin to withdraw or experience shame, wondering what’s wrong with them.  So in this month’s video, we send a very practical, hope-filled message on four ways parents can encourage their teens when they experience delayed puberty.

4 ways to encourage a teen in delayed puberty

Kids Edition

Body Image: 3 Ways to Set a Solid Foundation About Body Image

Even as adults, waking up and looking in the mirror can be a struggle. Sometimes we can be our own worst critics when it comes to body image and how we feel about the way we look. If that’s a challenge for us as adults, imagine what must be going through your older child’s mind.  We believe it’s possible to help build a solid foundation at this age, and parents are an essential component to doing so. Therefore, we want to equip parents with how to set a solid foundation for your child’s body image.

3 ways to set a solid foundation about body image


When God created people, He designed them to have a physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental component. Naturally, children and teenagers can tend to the physical on the playground and in backyards. They can foster the spiritual through discipleship within the family and Church. But when it comes to caring for the emotional and mental piece, they need a place where they can learn how to understand their feelings and thoughts. To help parents become that place, we created Parent Cue Cards, 15 questions that parents can ask to encourage teenagers/ children to name emotions and speak thoughts.

This discovery process is critical to spiritual growth because God speaks to the heart of His people. And when children and teens can understand their hearts, they are open and available to hear from God.


Teen Edition

parent cue cards for teens

Kids Edition

parent cue cards for kids

Coaching Video

2 ways to personally connect with parents on the go

2 Ways to Personally Connect with Parents On The Go

We don’t have to tell you that leadership comes with a long to-do list, one that never seems to end. And if we get too tasked-focused, we can forget to connect with people relationally. In the coaching video, Elisabeth gives you two on-the-go changes that you can implement today to help create “natural” opportunities to connect with parents.


Partner Resource

how to help your kids embrace gratitude

This month’s Partner Resource is from Carrie Partridge at! She is giving you and your families a 4-page PDF on How to Help your Kids Embrace Gratitude and Look Beyond Themselves.  

Read more of Carrie’s work at, where you can also subscribe to her emails. Connect with Carrie on Facebook and Instagram via @carriebevellpartridge


Coming Soon October 2021



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