Your August Resources Are Here!

This month is all about rhythm. As a youth or children's worker, you need to make sure you have a healthy rhythm and pace of life as you lead the kids or youth and their families at your church. If you aren’t in a good place to lead, the people around you will feel it. You also have the opportunity to help parents evaluate their own pace and evaluate whether their family is too busy to focus on the things that are really important in life. Don’t forget to check out this month’s articles, the toolbox item, and the videos for both you and the parents you serve. As always, let us know if there is anything we can do to help you!


The M2P Team

WHAT IS IT? This REAL TALK: PARENT GUIDE is designed to help you facilitate an open and honest conversation with your kids or teenagers about the pace of life they (and the entire family) live. With this guide, you can be more intentional this month about carving out some time to have some real conversations, listening to your kids' or teenagers' perspectives, and honestly evaluating whether they (or your family as a whole) are in need of making some changes for everyone to move to a more sustainable rhythm. HOW TO USE IT
  • Download the REAL TALK: PARENT GUIDE and post it on your website.
  • Email parents a copy of the resource or a link to it and encourage them to take time as a family to have the conversation.
  • Print copies of the REAL TALK: PARENT GUIDE for parents to grab at church.
To download, click HERE for youth and HERE for kids.

We want to encourage, challenge, and equip you this month to develop a healthy personal rhythm and an intentional ministry rhythm as you lead in your ministry from who God has created you to be. From a family ministry standpoint, how can you plan ahead and coordinate with the other ministries in your church in order to stay in sync while not overtaxing the families of your church? Individually, how can you focus on your own connection with God, evaluate your own rhythm, and make room to do some things to grow yourself spiritually? To view, click HERE for youth and HERE for kids.

This month, we want to encourage parents to evaluate their family’s rhythm and pace of life. This evaluation involves carving out time for some intentional conversations and making some purposeful decisions to slow down and develop a healthy family rhythm. We are all very busy, but parents can do some things to build a sustainable pace that will lead their families to a more healthy place. To view, click HERE for youth and HERE for kids.

New blog posts coming this month:
  • Navigating the Noise by Chris Sasser
  • Establishing a Healthy Rhythm in Life + Ministry for youth by Chris Sasser
  • Helping Your Child Develop a Healthy Rhythm of Life by Amy Diller
  • Establishing a Healthy Rhythm in Life + Ministry for kids by Amy Diller
To view, click HERE